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23 September 2011 @ 10:11 pm
Or what I can find of it...anyway here are the things I have for sale.

Kiara and Kovu Plush 1998
The Lion King Deluxe Snowglobe/Waterfall 2009
38 THe Lion King Plastic Toys 1993 - 2005
Simba Plushie Disney Store Exclusive 2010
Baby Simba Plush 2009
Adult Simba and Nala 1993
Simba and Nala Finger Puppet Plushies 1993
The Lion King Beanies 2004 (3 set)
Kiara Motion Detector 1998
The Lion King Vanity Kit (hair band, comb, hand mirror)
Lion King Pez 2004 (3 set)
Lion King Kid Plate with Utensils 1994

If you are interested in ANYTHING that I have listed contact me and we can discuss it. I really need to declutter my place.
And yes, I have feedback available on both eBay and livejournal from many sells. 

I found that odd. But anyway. I am going to get to go see TLK 3D tomarrow and I am pumped! So as a tribute I made this:

To wear to the show tomarrow. Because I am a total TLK nerd like that! XP

ANYWAY. I am going to be offering these for $15 each plus shipping. So if you want one, let me know. I might be making a tail to go with it tomarrow too. =]

I can do it in earflap version too!
12 September 2011 @ 09:04 am
I am looking for stickers to college the top of my laptop with. Anyone will to offer me some for sale, please comment! Thank you!


I love:

Vitani (cub NOT adult)
Cubby Simba

Others are ok too.
11 September 2011 @ 08:11 pm

Yes. Well forgive me for not leaping for joy, bad back you know.Collapse )

ALSO, UKers! DisneyStore UK are doing a little event for TLK in all their stores. I'll get more info soon!
Speaking of which, we have confirmation of the same releases as the US Disney Store - minus Mufasa, which is, at the time, not on their list.
27 August 2011 @ 02:55 am
Hello Again!

sorry to post again so soon, but this idea popped in my head and i really wanted to ask you guys about it. since i think there are some different people here than in the Pokemon Collectors group, i want to ask this question: would you guys be interested in LK bead sprites? i found sprites for the GBC game and the Genesis game. i found some for the other games, but i mostly was looking for Simba:) the one Simba picture i found for GBC is this one:

when i did my thing in photoshop to see what it would be like as a bead sprite, this thing would be HUGE!! i am not sure what Simba is looking at. i never played the GBC game.

i found a TON of sprites for the Genesis one, but here is one i took a look at in photoshop:

this is when he sees a butterfly:) when i did my thing in photoshop, it game up kind of "blurry/smudged". so i would have to work with it a bit to make a bead sprite.

at this point i am fairly sure i could make good bead sprites(as in i could match colors well) and i think they would look nice. i am not 100% sure though about color matching. i will have to do some research.

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27 August 2011 @ 12:49 am


thanks so much to chargan_rawr on Pokemon Collectors(hince my user name.....) for the link to this place. i was SO happy when i clicked the link and saw this place existed! i have LOVED Lion King since it came out in 1994. i was 8 years old and i remember seeing it in theaters. it affected me in some way(i think it was my age and the great music and characters) and i have collected stuff over the years. not really heavily, but enough. i have plush, pins, figures, pictures, etc. i don't have time now, but in the future i will get my stuff together and post pictues:)

ONE question i HAVE to ask; when the movie came out in 1994 there was a scene in it that my family and i swear we remember, but i haven't found any info on it and i haven't found anyone who remembers it. here is how i remember it:

the scene where Timon and Pumbba are talking to Simba about what they eat. Timon has the bugs on a leaf and takes a BLUE bug and eats half of it. then he says something like, "oh, the cream filled kind. my favorite!". as he says this, he squeezes the bug and some white stuff comes out! I SWEAR I REMEMBER THE SCENE LIKE THIS! supposely this grossed a lot of people out; so they edited it by having the bug whole as he is sqeezing it. this is how it is on the VHS copy, the dvd copy, and i am sure the upcoming blue ray copy. PLEASE, SOMEONE tell me they remember the cream filled part! :o this has been driving my familiy nuts for years! :)

i hope to talk to many fellow Lion King collectors in the future. i don't know if i will have anything to sell here, but i am sure i will brag and buy here:D

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26 August 2011 @ 09:20 pm
Hi! I am new to this community but sooo excited! I was directed here from PKMNcollectors after I mentioned that I collect TLK like 100X more than Pokemon, and I collect a LOT of Pokemon. XP

For introductions, I am Alyssa, but please call me Tufty. I am 19 and a sophomore at KSU. I live in Ohio and am studying Japanese at the university. I am in my 6th year of Japanese, and am fairly "fluent" in it. I have loved Lion King my whole life. Being 19 mean I was born in '92, therefore in '94, when it came out I was only 2. I know that it was my first movie ever in a real theatre and I won the tickets to go see it from a "cutest baby burger king contest". It is my all time favorite Movie and The Broadway show made me cry. I was 4th row center (what I consider, the BEST seats in the house) And I will see it again next time it comes through.

I am currently in the process of moving into college (tomarrow) and so all my stuff is packed away. But soon, I will show off my collection.

Can't wait to meet so many new friends here!

As for wants. My favorite Character is Cub Vitani ( I do NOT like adult vitani, she looks all scraggly.)
I also love Kopa. If you have any merch or those two, ESPECIALLY VITANI, Please let me know. =]

Also, tonight I went and bought all the bags (miunus one, they didn't have the 6th one) from Subway. You can buy just the bags, and they are 99 cents each. It is advertised that they come with the $5 off coupon for the BluRay DVD, but they did not say that they also come with a small sticker set as well! Each of my bags came with 2 sets of stickers! WOO!

Pictures soon, I promise!

Until then, hello! And bring me your Vitani stuff. lol
26 August 2011 @ 12:16 pm
Subway is offering Lion King tote bags, and a coupon for $5 off the blu-ray/dvd combo pack with the purchase of a kids meal. I haven't gotten one myself yet, but figured it was worth sharing
19 August 2011 @ 03:09 pm
Just a heads up to my fellow collectors.
To any who don't already know The Disney Store has released a huge amount of new plush in anticipation for the re-release of the film (which I was gleefully expecting). These plush are awesome! You can see who/what they made, if you go to DisneyStore.com and search "lion king plush".

But as a surprise, it seems Wal Mart is getting their own exclusive line of merch as well. I found these on DA from a plushie collector I follow http://wolfgurly666.deviantart.com/art/Kissing-Nala-n-Simba-253880873

I can't wait to see what else they have!
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25 July 2011 @ 09:08 pm
Hello fellow LK lovers :D

I don't have any pictures of my personal collection yet, but I thought I'd give a quick text intro :D

Lion King came out when I was 5 years old and it was my favourite movie as a kid :D it's my favourite Disney movie and one I can watch again and again! My favourite character is Scar, who I collect ^_^ I have a plastic toy of Scar, where you can press his mane to make his mouth move. In school I used to use it in the playground to fend off evil boys :P it's my fave toy from my collection :D

Anyway, I have done a bit of a clear out of LK stuff which I don't want any more!

Small LK sales hereCollapse )

Thank you for reading ^_^