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05 November 2011 @ 10:29 pm
MAJOR collection update!!  
Hey Guys!!

How is everyone doing? i don't think many posts have been made on this community recently. i am here to change that:) i have many LK items to share with you. click on to feast your eyes on the goodies! :)

1) First up are the Disney Movie Rewards LE Lithographs i got from the Disney Movie Rewards site. i don't remember exactly how many points they cost, but i know they are over 1000 and under 2000. WORTH EVERY POINT! see below for yourselves:

The folder it comes in

i LOVE this one! i personally thing this is when Simba was close to becoming the Simba we all love now:)

this one is my FAVORITE! i am guessing at one point Simba as a cub was going to see his dad in the moon or maybe one of the kings of the past. they should have included some info on each lithograph!

this one is cute and interesting. i wonder where in the process this was? especially since it is colored!

i am not 100% sure what is going on here.....is Timon chucking a bug at Pumbaa? kind of a odd picture......

i really like this one too. father and son. awww......:)

2) Next are the LE Lithographs from pre-ordering the movie at the Disney Store. these are nice too:

The folder it comes in

what the folder looks like inside. *pretty* :)

it starts with.....the ending. still a cute picture:)

this is on every lithograph

great picture of them:)

they HAD to include this part of the movie! baby Simba so cute! :)

this is a nice one too. first glimpse of Simba as a adult!

3) The T-SHIRT. you don't know how excited i was when i saw this at the store! they actually made a woman's Disney t-shirt that didn't have Minnie, the Pooh characters, Sally, or Alice on it! (seriously they have more than just these female characters) anyway, i had to order mine online because i waited to long to get it at the store. i really like the shirt; my only small complaint is i am not crazy about the glitter outline, but i can deal with it. i cannot wait to wear this to Disneyland! :D (i am there 2 weeks from yesterday-4 day trip!!)

4) The Vinylmation set! anyone here into collecting these figures? i am not at all heavily into collecting them, but i do have a few besides the one LK one i bought:) if you don't know what they are; they are vinyl figures that always have the Micky Mouse outline to them. then they "put" a design on them. there are a TON of different ones out there. i don't collect them because i am very picky on what ones i like and they come in a set of 12 mystery sets. they print who is in the set on the side of the box but one(the chaser of the set) and when you open the box the bag it comes in is solid. you don't know who you will get! while this is neat, it makes it more expensive to collect the whole set. i luckily did pull one of the ones i wanted:)

***i am currently looking for Simba as a cub and Nala as a cub from the set. let me know if anyone is selling/wants to trade. below are the vinylmation figures i have for trade:)***

who i pulled; baby Simba! :)

who is in the set

who i have for trade

5) the movie! had to of course get the re-release of the movie on Blu Ray. no 3D; i don't own a 3D TV and am not planning on getting one anytime soon. i admit haven't watched the movie yet, but i did watch the bonus features and the bonus feature "The Lion King: A Memoir - Don Hahn" is REALLY good! if you have the Blu Ray and haven't watched this bonus feature yet, go do it!!

i know, i left the stickers on.....i usally do for some reason. i love the cover though!

5) And finally, the LE SIMBA PLUSH!! OH MY GOSH! :o i really really like this plush. it was expensive, but a lot of detail was put into this plush. now a lot of photos are below. i went a bit crazy taking pictures of it......:D

here is how he came out of the box

side one. i love that this image is on most of the new LK stuff!

the back. a close up to follow this picture.

what it says on the back:)

side two. Mufasa looks so majestic here!

with his leaf collar! it has velcro; i am pretty sure you can take it off! i thought this was an interesting thing they included. i left it on though:)

the LE button on his collar

the top

i guess this is pretty limited for Worldwide.......

last picture; his cute face!

hope you guys enjoyed my pictures:) sorry it was so much. i kept putting off my update and then i finally had a chance to do it.

one more thing; could anyone tell me what Walmart sold/is selling of LK stuff? i rarely go there so i haven't seen what they are selling. thanks!

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Omi Panda: Kovu smugpretty_omi on November 6th, 2011 06:22 am (UTC)
I don't trade Vinyls, but I used to be pretty big in the pin world. I'm on this message board tho, that trades both, pretty nice folks. I've seen some lk vinyls for trade on here, so you may some luck! http://disneypinforum.com/forum.php
vulpixlover: Berry Vulpixvulpixlover on November 7th, 2011 03:24 am (UTC)
i do pins too:) again, not heavy collector, but i do like getting them and trading with the castmembers at the parks:)

thanks so much for the website suggestion! i will have to take a look.
Ochibaochibawolf on November 6th, 2011 04:39 pm (UTC)
WOW! you have been busy! I love everything! I was seriously debating whether or not to get that LE simba plush, but I decided I liked the box art much better than the plush. To me he looks a bit off in the face :P

I'm glad to see updates! I wish people would update here a bit more :D
(did anyone buy that pin set from DMR after you bought the movie?)
vulpixlover: Simba Headvulpixlover on November 7th, 2011 03:18 am (UTC)
yep:) i think the LE Simba's face looks okay. i think maybe it is just the style:)

me too! i realized i was the last one to post before this post here. crazy! somehow we need to let more people know this community exist!

i still haven't gotten the pins yet. funds....i hope to get the set after i get back from Disneyland:)